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IB Agent Client Agreement

Ironbridge Insurance Agency LLC

Agency Client Agreement

The clients of Ironbridge Insurance hereby designate the Ironbridge Insurance Agency to act as their representative in the marketplace to locate insurance for Client’s insurance needs.  Acting as your representative, Ironbridge will provide to you various services during this process as described below generally:


Discuss with you specifics about your insurance requests;

Assist you, at your request, with completion of any application for insurance;

Search markets available to Ironbridge for an insurer(s) interested in providing insurance;

Present to you a quote or quotes and/or proposals, sample policies or policy summaries of insurer or insurers, when available, who may be willing to provide a quote offer;

Facilitate the acceptance process, binder issuance and policy delivery;

Assist you throughout the policy term by providing assistance and service on the policy as reasonably expected;


Our agency as Producer may charge a fee for the placement and/or servicing of your insurance needs.  This fee varies based upon the terms and conditions of the various quote offers/proposals we secure and the ultimate acceptance by Client.  Our fee, if any, will be disclosed to you at the time of review of the quote offers/proposals. Other fees may be charged by the insurer, general agency, the state or other party(s) in the process.  Any such fees will be disclosed at the time a quote/proposal offer is made and can include such items as: Policy fees, Service Fees, Administrative Fees, Insurer Fees, Surplus Lines Tax, or Surplus Lines stamping fees.


Our Clients agree that such fees may be charged and agrees to pay such fees in addition to the premium, as a condition of coverage and will timely remit such payment when billed.  All premium and fees will be disclosed as part of the quote/offer and shall be in writing.  Acceptance by our Clients of the quote/offer constitutes Client’s awareness and acceptance of such fee(s) charges.  This Agreement shall apply to renewal of any policy issued as the result of this Agreement but may be revoked by either Client or Ironbridge to be effective at the next annual anniversary date of the policy.


Ironbridge utilizes the Internet, e-mail, digital media or the like to transmit Records and/or related information to policyholders. Any and all disclosures, declarations, contracts, Policy forms, certificates and/or documents, information, requests, applications, communications, and/or notices required by Local, State or  Federal Law, including, but not limited to, any adverse action notices or privacy policy notices may be sent electronically. By this agreement you consent to receipt of such electronic Records.


Ironbridge does not offer, solicit or provide risk management, risk assessment or risk analysis for the client’s risk or insurance needs. Ironbridge only offers policy search and policy placement based upon the request by the client for such coverage. The coverage provided is based upon the clients underwriting information provided and subject to the limitations of the policy offered and as accepted by the client.


Ironbridge only offers coverage provided by insurance carriers rated by A.M. Best’s as A- (Excellent) or better at the time of policy issuance. Ironbridge will secure written confirmation from the client approving any policy provided by a carrier that does not meet this standard.


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